New Media Capstone concluded my coursework in the New Media Institute and was an incredibly rewarding experience. Throughout the semester I worked with a group of peers to build a google action for the google home. After a great deal of research and brainstorming our team developed InterviewBot. This serves as a mock interview tool in order to help students practice and perfect their interview skills. The action is now published in the Google Assistant Directory.

While I did not have previous experience working with this form of technology, my role as a branding manager allowed me to utilize my PR and marketing skills to ensure all of our deliverables had a clear and consistent look and message. I worked with DialogFlow to assistant our main tech lead when she ran into coding roadblocks, formed valuable insights from all of our research, as well as filmed and edited our project trailer. Perhaps my biggest contribution to our project was actually developing our big idea. In the beginning we were all struggling thinking of a voice-centric action that would assistant someone in their home. The Google Assistant Directory already has thousands of actions and I am proud to say InterviewBot is the only one of its kind.

In addition to creating, coding and branding an action for the Google Home I learned the importance of teamwork. Not one member of our team had experience with artificial intelligence before and we are now published on Google. Our supportive camaraderie was essential for the success of our project and was certainly my favorite part of Capstone.

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