NMIX 4110

Welcome to my NMIX 4110 portfolio. Here you will find all of my web development work I have completed through UGA's new media program.Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication at The University of Georgia offers a certifcate program that helps students become "technowledgable" through mastering a number of emerging media skills. This section of my portfolio contains work I completed in my first new media class that focused on web development. This class definetely challenged me, but it is some of my favorite work and taught me a great deal of valuable skills.

Assignment One:
Three Page Website

For this assignment I created an original three-page website with my own content and graphics. Although this site it not fancy, it shows my ability to create content that is formatted with div tags and that are styled with css in an external stylesheet. I also learned the importance of properly linking webpages. Like I said earlier, it is nothing too visually appealing but a good foundation.

Assignment One

Assignment Two:

This assignment introducted me to Bootstrap. I created an advanced six page website that was a nice start to my online portfolio. It is far more visually appealing than my assignment one, but I still had to use those skills to get to this finished product!

Assignment Two

Assignment Three:

For this assignment I built an original wordpress site which is the home of my portfolio. I learned how to make multiple web pages, activate and install plugins and customize a theme.

Visit My Wordpress

Assignment Four:

This assignment helped me better understand javascript. I built a jukebox that loads music dynamically using my own graphics and sound files. Enjoy listening to some of my favorite artists!

Visit my Jukebox

Final Project:
Finished Portfolio

For my final project I wanted to have a completed portfolio showcasing my best work for future employers to explore. I built an original site using Wordpress technologies and a number of additional new techniques I learned to make it more distinct and better than the portfolio I started in previous assignments. I had to alter the php and install a special plugin in order to upload media files that were originally too large. This allowed me to add some of my favorite projects and longer writing assignments in my portfolio. I also wanted to add a page dedicated to my experience abroad studying PR and fashion. I was able to make a dynamic photo gallery with my photos from the summer that is more visually appealing and interactive than the built in wordpress gallery.

Visit My Final Portfolio